17 12, 2020

Get a CMA


Back to Seller's Guide When you are selling your home or multi-unit property in Silicon Valley, the single-most important thing you’ll have to decide is your asking price. That’s where the comparative market analysis, or CMA, comes in. A CMA is simply an estimate of your home or property’s current market

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17 12, 2020

Find a REALTOR® to Sell Your Home or Multi-Family Property


Back to Seller's Guide You can save thousands of dollars in agent commissions if you decide to market and sell your property yourself instead of hiring a REALTOR®. This process is  known as “for sale by owner,” or FSBO. But sellers beware… Although it can be tempting to put more cash

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17 12, 2020

Are You a Motivated Seller?


Back to Seller's Guide Although it may not be initially apparent to most duplex, triplex or fourplex sellers, the fact is that a person’s motivation for selling a property is the single greatest factor in whether the property actually sells. Are you a motivated seller? Whether you have outgrown your starter

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