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Mountain View is said to be amongst the top suburbs to live in San Francisco Bay Area. It is one of the major cities in Silicon Valley, comprising most residential neighborhoods and tech parks centered towards North Shoreline.

The place provides entertainment, a sense of community, modern amenities, education, jobs, and trust. Mountain View offers a more urban vibe than most other communities around and has mostly owner-occupied households.


Mountain View is located in the heart of Silicon Valley and houses several tech businesses.  Mountain View is a larger, mid-sized city with most of the population being educated, single, and upwardly mobile career starters. If this is your idea of a place you would like to live– this is the place to be.

The neighborhoods are excellent, almost all areas are walkable, it remains quiet at night, with regular downtown street festivals to keep you entertained. There are dedicated dog parks and trails where people walk their pets. Mountain View is a family-friendly city, with easy commute access; it is accessible to most places. Mountain View is easily bikeable, but public transportation is used heavily due to the size of the city.

Most searched features for Mountain View homes include two garage door properties, big lots, tennis courts, modern kitchens, rental properties, and corner lots. The properties you will find here are condos, townhouses, land, single/ multi-family homes, new constructions, and mobile homes. The community is close-knit, people are helpful, and the city is great to live in!

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Shoreline Amphitheatre Aerial by Jitze Couperus from Los Altos Hills, California, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Top Employers

Amazon, Intuit, Google, El Camino Hospital, NASA Ames Research Center, Mozilla Foundation, Symantec, LinkedIn, Samsung, and Synopsys are the top employers in the City of Mountain view.

The housing may be costly, but higher wages compensate for the expenses.


You will find great schools and colleges here. The Mountain View region is served with a mix of public as well as private educational facilities. Here’s a quick list:

Elementary School

  • Stevenson Elementary School
  • Frank L. Huff Elementary School
  • Springer Elementary School
  • Monta Loma Elementary School
  • Edith Landels Elementary School

Middle School

  • Crittenden Middle School
  • Georgina P. Blach Junior High School
  • Isaac Newton Graham Middle School

High School

  • Mountain View High School
  • Alta Vista High School

Private schools include Saint Francis High School, German International School of Silicon Valley (GISSV), and Yew Chung International School of Silicon Valley.

Palo Alto University and Diablo Valley College are the top-rated Mountain View colleges. Plus, you have the Mountain View Public Library, which is a central library in this area.

Things to Do

Mountain View provides many amenities for its community.

The downtown is pedestrian-friendly and concentrated with commercial stores including shops, cafes, restaurants, etc.

Another point of interest is the Mountain View parks that make ample green space. Popular ones include Shoreline Park, Stevens Creek, Eagle Park, Cuesta Park, Pioneer Memorial Park, and Charleston Park.

Other attractions that would make your weekends happening are Computer History Museum, Alberto’s Night Club, Molly Magees, Mountain View Farmers Market, and Shoreline Amphitheater. Halloween events, Christmas celebrations, sports events, and waterfront activities make for perfect annual events.

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