20 07, 2020

PROPERTY WATCH: Be the First to Know


Did you know the hottest homes on the market often sell within days of being listed? By signing up to receive email alerts you can stay on top of the hottest homes! Click here to create a custom search and set up unlimited Property Alerts! Click here to set up your First Search!

PROPERTY WATCH: Be the First to Know2021-06-17T01:18:26+00:00
10 06, 2020

Search for Multifamily Properties in Silicon Valley


Back to Buyer's Guide As the housing market continues to thrive, buying a residential investment property may be the right choice for you – but how do you search effectively to find the ideal property? This guide explains. Buying a Residential Investment Property: The Basics When you’re ready to buy

Search for Multifamily Properties in Silicon Valley2021-06-17T01:28:12+00:00
10 05, 2020

6 Steps to Buying a Multifamily Property


Back to Buyer's Guide When you’re ready to buy a multifamily property in Silicon valley, whether you’ll rent out each unit or occupy one while renting out the others, you’ll need to follow a specific set of steps to get to the closing table. The purchase process for multifamily properties,

6 Steps to Buying a Multifamily Property2021-06-17T01:33:57+00:00
15 02, 2020

Staging Benefits When Selling a Property


Back to Seller's Guide Sellers' market conditions persist in cities across the country, as inventory continues to fall short of demand. Under these kinds of conditions, sellers typically enjoy competing offers from buyers. But that doesn't mean sellers should skimp on staging. By staging your house, whether it's a duplex,

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10 02, 2020

How to Improve Curb Appeal When Selling


Back to Seller's Guide First Impressions mean everything... Prospective buyers start forming an opinion about a property, whether it’s a duplex, triplex, fourplex or single-family home, before they even walk through the door. In fact, most buyers have already decided whether a house is going to make their “short list”

How to Improve Curb Appeal When Selling2021-06-17T03:08:26+00:00
5 02, 2020

Aggressive Marketing to Get it Sold


Back to Seller's Guide Pulling out all the stops for Marketing your property Now that your duplex, triplex, fourplex or single family home is ready to sell, your REALTOR® will develop an aggressive marketing strategy to put it in front of the right buyers. Your agent will: Meet buyers where

Aggressive Marketing to Get it Sold2021-06-17T03:09:13+00:00
5 01, 2020

Are You a Motivated Seller?


Back to Seller's Guide Although it may not be initially apparent to most home, duplex, triplex or fourplex sellers, the fact is that a person’s motivation for selling a property is the single greatest factor in whether the property actually sells and how much profit they make. Are you a

Are You a Motivated Seller?2021-06-17T03:14:44+00:00
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